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Wolf CT36G/S Gas Cooktop Review

Pros: Quality performance; Different burners to suit different cooking tasks

Cons: Expensive

Our Scoop

Users love the way the Wolf CT36G/S performs. They like that there are three different burner sizes, each emitting varying levels of heat energy. You can choose the right burner for your task, whether you’re melting butter, stir-frying vegetables or simmering a big pot of soup. They also mention the ease of sliding pots and pans from grate to grate without any heavy lifting or sloshes and spills, thanks to the way the  grates form a flat, continuous support structure across the entire cooktop. The knobs are all grouped together in the same configuration as the burners, so you can easily tell at a glance which of them are on and at what heat level. The control panel illuminates to indicate which knobs are turned on as an additional safety and convenience measure.

The Wolf CT36G/S earns accolades for high quality of materials and construction. Users deem it solid and better-constructed than some other high-end cooktops. They also note the ease of cleaning. The grates simply lift off to provide access to the seamless burner pan.

Reviewers seem pleased with the appearance of this model, giving it high marks. In their product material, Wolf touts that the grates are “low profile”. So if you want to keep your cooktop in your kitchen’s supporting cast rather than making it a focal point, this is a plus!

Purchasers of this cooktop consider it expensive, but worth the price.

Specs and Features Highlights

  • Measures 36″ by 21″ across
  • Five dual-stacked, sealed burners of varying sizes with varying heat energy output (up to 15,000 btu/hr)
  • Individual spark ignitions for each burner
  • Available in natural or LP gas
  • Stainless steel top
  • Continuous Grates are cast iron with a matte porcelain finish
  • Seamless burner pan
  • Single control panel with illuminated indicators

If you’d like to see more details about the Wolf CT36G/S and get all the specs, Wolf provides this quick reference guide and this User Manual (for the seriously interested!).

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